Diaper Changes and Mommy's Club

Occasionally when you read parenting books or some of those emails that you subscribe to as a new mama, you read about washing hands before and after diaper changes. 

So let's just take a vote here...

How many mamas wash their hands


they change their baby's diaper? 

(I did not raise my hand). 

Now, how many mamas wash or sanitize their hands


diaper changes?

Okay, now I'm raising my hand. 

I never really understood the purpose of washing or sanitizing my hands before a diaper change. I guess a few times when she was little I may have sanitized them before rubbing on diaper rash cream if I needed to, but rarely did that ever happen. 

I am however always sure to sanitize my hands after the diaper change or if it's a messy blowout, I make sure to wash them rather than just sanitize them. There's a few reasons why I hate this: 1) sanitizers can frequently dry out your skin (especially alcohol ones) 2) too much hand sanitizing can kill the good germs that we need. 

Searching for a good hand sanitizer can be tricky when you have a baby. Some babies have reactions to all of the alcohol in them and even an adult who sanitizes their hands and then rubs their eyes, knows what I am talking about (it burns like heck). Not to mention that many antibacterial soaps and sanitizers contain toxic ingredients such as Triclosan, formaldehyde, phthalates, alcohol and more. 

Well today I get to share two awesome products from

Mommy's Club

that I have been using and I'm loving. Perfect Touch Sanitizer is something that I have been using after every diaper change for the last week or so, and I must say that my hands are not the least bit dry. I also like how this convenient spray bottle is safe to use on all sorts of surfaces. This is VERY helpful when taking baby out to eat and you want to spray the table down (since you know their curious hands will not stay off of it). 

Next up is the Cleansing Foam.

Okay, so I have a secret -

 I actually washed my face with this for a few days before completely reading the label and realizing that it was


not a face wash (but nothing bad happened to my skin). This is another great product for post diaper changes that requires no rinsing and will not dry out skin. I love the way my hands feel after I use this product and plan on moving this one to my nursery and the Perfect Touch Sanitizer to the diaper bag. Once again this product can be used on any surface and actually helps to moisturize hands. 

I love how versatile these two products are (and many more that they offer). It's so hard to find things to safely clean baby's toys, tables, trays and more. These are the perfect little go to products to have on hand. 

So what exactly is

Mommy's Club

? Well over the next few weeks, you'll see several more reviews that I'm going to do on these great products. Mommy's Club is a new company that is aimed at producing non toxic, safe products. Many ingredients are certified organic, and all products are BPA Free, Toxic Free, Vegan, NON GMO and cruelty free. Oh and a big one -- they are made in the USA! They have an amazing website with tons of great products where you can become a member and order bundles at your convenience. 

I can't stress enough how important it is to have healthy, non toxic products in your home. Why start off your child's life being surrounded by toxins, carcinogens and more when we should be there to protect them? Also, as your baby grows and becomes a curious little toddler, you don't want ANY toxins in your house so that way there is never any chance of them consuming any hazardous chemicals. 

Now, off to change a diaper....

Make sure to check them out on the web at their 











Soooo do you wash your hands before and/or after diaper changes?

Thanks for reading, Sasha

Thanks to Mommy's Club for sending many samples over. However all opinions and 

reviews are honest and solely my own. 

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