Mama Made Baby Food: No Mustard Greens Please

Okay, let's just cut to the chase. This was not a winning recipe in my house. First off, I don't think I've ever eaten mustard greens simply because the name always seemed a little strange to me. So it is sort of odd that I picked them up at the local farmer's market to make for my daughter, but when I saw this pretty little bundle for $1.00, I thought it was worth a shot. 

Since I had no clue about how to prepare mustard greens, I decided to pair it with her favorite food, avocado. I was sure this would be a fun combination despite my dislike towards the greens. Welllllll...apparently baby and I have the same taste buds and thoughts. 

It's not that she didn't eat it, it's just that I could tell that she wasn't a fan of it. In order to not completely waste the food, I had to mix it with something else. Perhaps it was simply the smell of the mustard greens that she was not a fan of. Y'all, mustard greens stink. They stink bad. 

But hey, maybe you're a mustard greens type of person and this recipe may be something that you'd be interested in trying. Maybe your little one has taste buds that are craving this stinky, leafy veggie. 

I think it's safe to say, that for this house, no mustard greens please!

Are you a mustard greens type of person?

Thanks for reading, Sasha
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