Wooden Vs. Plastic Toys

Before I even had my baby, I had a love of wooden toys. There is something that is just classic about them. They don't require batteries, they don't blink constantly and they are made of wood; not plastic. They are just the sweetest toys.

As an eco conscious mama, I've had my reservations about baby toys, particularly plastic ones. When my daughter was approaching the point where she needed a few toys to play with on the floor, I was careful to make sure that everything that she could hold and put into her mouth was not made of plastic. The only plastic things I'd purchase her were the toys that were too big for her to hold and chew on. 

Learning more and more about reducing the toxins in your home, I've come across articles relating to plastic toys and how even those big ole' toys sitting there in my living room are releasing toxins, particularly PVC, a known human carcinogen. Not to mention the chance of lead. How many times have you heard of a Fisher Price recall for toxic lead in the toys? Numerous times. 

For the last several weeks I've been in a stump over the toy situation. We don't really have a lot of plastic toys, but after Christmas there was many more that arrived in my home (several that I bought myself). I've debated on how "green" I want to go with my toy situation. Many green mommy bloggers that I know have a "no plastic toy rule" (which I admire), but for me I just don't know how I'd handle that. 

I've come to the conclusion that while I can use this as an excuse to purchase the wooden toys that I love, I'm not sure I can just flat out say "no plastic toys." Let's face it, there are some adorable light up, battery operated toys out there. And they are often times very educational as well. I'm not going to tell my child "no" to Barbie Dolls, the toy that reminds me the most of my childhood. And I'd never be unappreciative of the toys that others give me just because they are plastic. Do I prefer wood? Yes. Do I prefer things like puzzles and books? Heck yes. But will I turn down a cute little light up baby ride along toy? Nope. 

So while I can shoot for wooden toys, toys that I just simply love for their classic appeal, I'm not going to go the greenest route ever with our toys. I do a lot of work in my home to reduce our chemicals and while I wish I had the grit to say "no plastics toys," I just look too forward to playing with Barbie Dolls, Barbie Beach houses and Barbie Campers. Maybe one day I will change my mind. Maybe one day we will live in a world where less companies use PVC (which some are starting to go that route - YAY) and maybe one day we won't live in such a toxic world. Period.

For now, I'll keep expanding my wooden toy collection just for my own piece of mind.
Dear Amazon Prime, Thank you for feeding my addiction. 

What's your thought on different toys in your home?
Thanks for reading, Sasha

Sidenote: Over the next few weeks I plan on sharing some awesome wooden toy companies with you as well as different things to look for when it comes to safe toys, teethers and more.
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