Foto Friday: Little Bug's First Kiss

This past weekend we had a wonderful time with our kiddos at the zoo. My friends and I spent the day strolling, eating and watching our cute kids have a blast. Little Bug kissed her cousin right smack on the lips, after she pulled him by the shirt to steal the kiss. She's already an aggressive woman! She was so sweet and had so much fun. 

It's very tough to put a 10 month old on the ground to play -- every little leaf, twig and rock quickly makes its way to the mouth. She loved the playground and just wanted to go, go, go, but she wouldn't stop eating everything! 

I love days like this and look forward to many more. It's so fun to watch your child discover new things and to see them interact with others. It's also fun to enjoy a beautiful day with your dearest friends (especially as a SAHM). Even though the flamingos seemed to be the only animal that she really could see, the zoo is such a wonderful outing with your toddler. You get to spend some time outdoors and watch them study all of these animals that they've never seen before (as well as all of the people they get to watch). Days like that are magical to me!

Happy Weekend! 

What's your weekend plans?
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