Mama Made Baby Food: Fruity Potatoes

Who would have ever thought to combine these two items for a sweet baby puree? I mentioned before that I'm not a fan of the way my homemade sweet potato puree comes out by itself. I don't like how thick it is and many times my baby has turned her head away, refusing to eat it. After having success with my Sweetened Sweet Potato recipe, I decided to try adding something new to her sweet potatoes. 

Lately I've been giving Little Bug some fresh pineapple, cantaloupe, and honeydew chunks and she LOVES them. They are great for her to hold onto and nibble on, and not to mention that they are full of water and help her to get some more water in her system. We usually do a chunk after each meal and usually during snack time I try to give her these instead of puffs. 

So on a whim, I took the last bit of pineapples chunks (they were going to expire soon) and added them to two miniature sweet potatoes (fresh from the farmer's market) and created a fruity treat that baby loved! The water from the pineapple helps to soften up the texture of the potatoes and the fruity flavor adds that bit of sweetness that baby loves. 

So there ya go! I wouldn't recommend this for an adult meal (no I did not try it myself), but baby sure loved it! 

Have you ever combined random ingredients to 
create a baby puree?

Thanks for reading, Sasha

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