Mama Made Baby Food: "Sweet" Sweet Potatoes

Before I married my husband I never tried sweet potatoes and claimed that I did NOT like them. I honestly don't remember the first time that I tried them, but I believe it was when his college roommate made some sweet potato fries (from a frozen bag) that won me over. I should say first though, that I really only like them as fries (homemade, frozen, etc...) or as crispy rounds that I make myself in the oven. I have yet to eat them as a "baked" potato because for some reason it just doesn't seem right. I mean, that's what real baked potatoes are for and they are soooo good. 

Anyway, enough talk about me and my weird eating habits. Let's jump on over to my daughter's strange eating habits. I say strange because have I mentioned that she prefers her food cold? Yes, my child prefers a jar of food straight from the fridge. Turns out that she also seems to be picky with sweet potatoes; sometimes she eats them, sometimes she does not. 

Sometimes I think her problem with my sweet potatoes (since I know she'll eat the store bought ones) is that they are too thick. I tried to make my last batch much thinner and I decided on a whim to add an apple to it to add some "sweetness" that would hopefully encourage her to eat. I also figured that since apples are "juicy," that it might would help with that thick consistency of the sweet potatoes. 

Ah, already bribing my kid with sweets. Go me. 

Overall she seems to prefer this much more than regular sweet potatoes, so far now, it is a winner. It actually smelled so good when it was done that I seriously almost tried some. I never try her baby food (does anyone?), but I almost tried this. 

An apple a day, makes the sweet potatoes a "yay!"

Are you a sweet potato fan?
Okay mamas, who tries their baby's baby food?

Thanks for reading, Sasha
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