Recycled Bottle Caps Turned Into Necklace Jewels {Giveaway Too!}

Who would have thought to take old water bottle caps and turn them into beautiful necklaces that are just too cute not to love? How many times have you seen a ton of plastic water bottle caps on beaches just sitting there looking all lost and funky? I for one know that when I lose my cap in the sand, I'm not digging for it. I mean really, I lost a mood ring in the sand one time and it took like an hour to find it.

Well this awesome entrepreneur has done just that; she did some digging in the sand and created an eco friendly jewelry line from recycled water bottle caps. It is just too adorable for girls and it is "eco chic" for mamas (and whoever else). I'm just over here wondering how on Earth she came up with this idea. I sure wish I'd stumble upon something genius! 

These magnetic charms are easy to change depending on your outfit or your mood, and the fashion detail in them is just adorable. They stay on securely and the detail in them is so different than anything else you have. I especially love that with a younger girl, you can teach them about being eco-conscious through something as fun as jewelry. I should also add that the prices are amazing. This is a WONDERFUL gift to stick in your daughter's Easter basket this year and you can even personalize your charm (pictures and everything!). I would have loved this stuff when I was younger and I can definitely see this taking off as being "the cool new thing." I also love that there are designs that are much more mature and trendy for us older ladies and mamas. There are some tribal ones that I L.O.V.E.

How amazing is it that it's actually eco friendly? That's just the icing on the cake! 

I have two favorites that were sent my way and lucky for you, I am giving away the rest today! Don't you just love giveaways????? Make sure to enter below for one necklace and four charms! And go check out the fashionable charms over at Treasurette Girl and share this wonderful new company with your friends! 

Make sure to visit Treasurette Girl at their webpage // Twitter // Facebook to see all of the chic and adorable charms they have!

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