Reflecting on 2013

Well the year of the baby is about to come to an end. I call it the year of the baby because when the clock struck 12 on last New Year's, all I could think about was the fact that I was going to have a baby.

This past year has been so very good to us. God gave us a miracle that has forever changed our life. This little bundle of cuteness is the greatest blessing and greatest love we've ever known. Becoming parents sure does change your life. You all of a sudden see the world in a different view and you love more than you've ever loved before. You laugh out of pure delight at the tiniest things and you cry over happy moments. Sure you lose sleep, lots of sleep and you are constantly wiping up poop, but it is all worth it.

So very, very worth it. 

Becoming a mom has made me see things differently in terms of the way we live and the items around us. I constantly crave the need to make sure things are safe, eco-friendly and non toxic to ensure safety and healthiness in our home. I suppose 2013 is also the green year for me since that is the year that I decided to live a greener, healthier lifestyle.

When it comes to being green, I still have a long way to go but I am on the right path. I want 2014 to be an even bigger, healthier year for us. We only have one life and one planet and I want to protect that and help preserve it. I suppose one of my biggest goals in 2014 is to continue to find ways to live a natural, healthy lifestyle. I am proud of my changes so far and I hope to continue to stay on this track. I'm happy with who I am. I am happy with the mother that I am and even though I am not perfect and will make mistakes along the way, I know that I am doing my best. 

This last year was perhaps the best year of my life. My family expanded and my husband and I became parents. I'm not quite sure you can top that in my book. Of course we are hoping that 2014 may bring along another little sprout (maybe, who knows, we will see). But for now I am just going to soak up the sprout that I have.

Because she is purely amazing. She is pure delight. She is a blessing like no other and God if you're reading this, thank you so very, very much. You have blessed me beyond measure. 

I hope 2014 is full of just as much love, laughter, happiness, health and joy. 

And I hope yours is too. 

Happy New Year to you and yours!


A quick look at our 2013

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