My New Year's GOALS

So let's talk about my goals; not my resolutions. We all make resolutions and usually after a month at the gym or a month of "eating right" we all fail. HA, don't lie -- you know you're usually one of them too. We ALL do it each new year. I think I always make a goal to fill out some new pretty planner that I purchase for the year and after a month or two, it's empty! Speaking of, I really want a new pretty planner now. 

So here are some of my simple goals to work on and improve on. Nothing too life changing, no gym memberships and no workout regimen to maintain. If we set realistic, simple GOALS we may actually see results 365 days later. 

My Goals:
  • Improve my recycling habits
  • Buy more local, organic produce
  • Become a regular at the farmer's market
  • Expand my recipes and cooking abilities
  • Strive for ways to live greener and more natural
  • Eat healthier 
To expand on the eat healthier idea: I already eat pretty healthy and cook pretty healthy meals for us. I'm not big on most processed food or takeout (except pizza!) but I am huge on cookies and milk. And cake. And ice cream. In other words, I am a huge dessert person. My goal is to really tackle that since I don't want my child to be that way and see mommy always snacking on processed snacks. So I hope to nip that in the bud and eliminate it without depriving myself. I am even interested in choosing some items gluten free. In other words, I hope to like more of the weird stuff out there. 

But hey when a girl wants cookies and milk, you betta find her some!

What are your goals for 2014?

Happy New Year, Sasha

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