My Green Changes in 2013

I always knew I was kinda, sorta weird. I always knew that I loved the natural, organic things in life. So I guess it really isn't a surprise to some about the way I am trying to live my life. My brother loves to call me a "little hippy" or "mother earth;" but of course like many, my brother loves to call me all sorts of things! I do have to say though that I never envisioned myself as a cloth diaper lover or a mama who cleans with stinky ole vinegar. It's amazing how much becoming a mother can change you! It's weird how much my goals and ambitions have all changed now. I am passionate about different things than before and I often find that kinda strange too. I guess I'm just all around weird. 

I wanted to list out all of the changes we made that way I can see what progress I made in the last eight(ish) months of 2013. This is just a record for me, but hey you can see how little changes can make big results as well. Some of these are not "changes" since I've done them from the beginning with my baby, but I still wanted to list them out here. I am so happy with the path we are on. However just like anything you do in life, there is always room for improvement. 
  • Started cloth diapering my daughter
  • Started using reusable totes while grocery shopping
  • Switched to all natural laundry detergents and fabric softener 
  • Started cleaning my home with vinegar, water and baking soda
  • Started recycling plastics and some paper
  • Switched my baby to all natural, plant based skin care products
  • Eliminated my skin care products that contained parabens, pthalates, etc...
  • Switched to Organic milk (after finally finding some locally!)
  • Eliminated plug ins around the home (those smell good thingys)
  • Make 90% of my baby's food myself
  • Breastfeed
  • Searched for non toxic, eco-friendly toys
  • Eliminated plastic tupperware

A Quick Look at Some of Our Green Changes in 2013

What are some of the changes you made in 2013?
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Thanks for reading, Sasha

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