Little Bug: 8 Months

Dear Little Bug, 

It's amazing how fast you grow. It's amazing how fun you are. It's amazing how amazing you are. You are growing fast and becoming the funniest, wildest most sweetest little girl I've ever met. You are my heart and soul all wrapped up in one little body. You're my everything.

Weight: 18 lbs
Length: Almost 28 inches
Clothing Size: 6-9 and even wearing some 12 mth items 

Loves: Playing with anything and everything that you are NOT supposed to play with. You're quite a handful. 
You crawl quickly to something that interests you and whether it is an outlet or a picture frame, you have to have it. You still love bath and story time, toys that you can hold and chew on, your puppy and friends play table, 
your vanity that Santa brought you and your noopies. You love laughing at Hunter when he's running around and 
you also love staring at your handsome dada. You also think it's hilarious to scream at the top of your lungs -- even in restaurants (over and over and over). 

What You're Up to: Aside from being a wild child, you're furniture cruising and attempting to stand on your own. 
We believe you'd stood up before a few times without pulling up and you frequently let go of stuff and hold yourself up. You turn the pages when I read books to you and you're starting to remember how the peek a boo ones work -- you reach for the flap to pull it open. You also give kisses now. But shhh, those are just for mommy!
You can also walk with your walker toy that mama got you awhile back. Yay! So close!!!
(Oh P.S. you owe me some new people for my Christmas village. You destroyed quite a bit of them). 

Words: Dada, Ma, Hi and now trying I love you

Likes: Playing with the dog's bowls, giving food to the dog, letting the dog kiss you in the mouth -- basically you really like the dog. You like standing up and sucking on the handles of our kitchen drawers (mommy tries hard to stop it and keep you away, gross!). You like to try and climb out of the bathtub occasionally. You like to jump in your bed when you wake up like it's a bouncy toy. You like to give me a run for my money when I change your diaper although thankfully you don't cry anymore, you just roll over and throw the toys that I give you sometimes.

Dislikes: Well last month you disliked a lot of stuff. In general you disliked diaper changes and other people. 
Thankfully we are doing much better in both departments. You're still not always a fan of diaper changes but you're doing better. You don't really like mommy's homemade sweet potato baby food and you are turning down my peas too. You don't like when you're up past bedtime, sista wants her beauty sleep. 

Food & Diapers:  You're quite the piggy. You love food and your meals are starting to include much more food. So far you eat blueberries, bananas, peas, carrots, squash, apples, pears, avocado, peaches, prunes, sweet potato and some broccoli. You have had a couple other mixtures when I've picked up organic baby mixtures for you. I make about 95% of your food and a good bit of what you eat is organic. You eat whole apples, bananas, avocado and you have eaten steamed carrots. Mama is about to start working on more steamed fruits and veggies for you. You also finally eat your organic puffs and you are drinking water now from a sippy. 
And of course you're on my milk and you still nurse whenever you want! Still in cloth diapers!

Crying: Thank goodness this is not like last month!!! Thankfully you rarely cry a lot anymore. You do good when I leave you with daddy or Gigi and you are getting much better around groups of people. Although, you're still a clingy little lady. But mama is okay with that :)

Sleep: Finally there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are starting to get nights where you wake up only 1-2 times. Your sleep works best if you've napped good throughout the day and if we bath at 8, followed by lotion and story time and then nurse around 8:45. You do sleep until 9:30-10 most mornings so that's good for me!
Now that you're waking less, I don't have to sleep in and can have some me time in the mornings. 

Outings/Experiences: You had your first Christmas and you did great Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, but by the afternoon you were done with all of the parties and people. You sure did enjoy all of your loot though! You had your first camping trip for the New Year and you did pretty amazing! It was so cold. You wore little mittens and all! It was so much fun and a much needed get away. Mommy hopes we take many, many camping trips. 

You're one of the most craziest little babies I have ever met. 
Your curiosity about everything makes me laugh. And did I mention how nosy you are?
Daddy and I love you so much. It's so fun for us to just sit there and watch you. 
We kiss you on so much and we adore you to pieces.
Even with your spunky, silly personality you are the sweetest little thing ever. 

You're the greatest gift we've ever been given and the best blessing we've ever received. 

Love you to the moon and back bug!

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