$75 Cloth Diaper Giveaway {Yes, that's right!}

So today is a super duper, crazy-exciting day. Over the Moon Diapers contacted me recently to write for them and I'm so excited that my work is featured over on their site! Please head on over to read my article, Bless You for Choosing Cloth. I'm sure you catch the jist of it (how do you spell jist?) but it's an article all about making the conversion to cloth and dealing with all of the people who think you are crazy and say, "bless you!" 

It was such a joy and honor to work with Over the Moon diapers and I hope that you hop on over and check out my post as well as click around their site and maybe even shop. 


Over the Moon Diapers is giving away $75 worth of cloth diaper goodness (all of my favorite products) to one of my lucky, lucky readers! You can't go wrong with AIO diapers and Bumgenius is my fav! Then you're getting an organic one from GroVia (all one size diapers of course). You also receive a tube of Grandma El's diaper rash ointment and a Planet Wise Wetbag. Grandma El's is our go to diaper rash cream and O-M-G you can't have enough wet bags. 

Dude seriously, I wish I could enter my own giveaway. 

Nah, one of you lucky readers deserve it! Make sure to enter this fab giveaway and good luck! A special thanks to Over the Moon Diapers for sponsoring this amazing giveaway and for being interested in little ole me. 

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