We're Skipping the Smash Cake {I'm a Mean Mama}

Please note that this is just my own opinions. And as I always try to emphasize, I do NOT judge others so if you choose to do a smash cake then rock on mama. I hope your little one smashes the heck out of it and gives you the cutest pictures ever. 

We plan and plan for our little one's first birthday like it's the biggest event ever. I'm not even going to lie and pretend like I'm not making a big deal out of it, because I will (I am). My baby is only 8.5 months old and I already have a Pinterest board for her birthday and I've already got a theme and a million ideas. 

It is a pretty big deal. 

But here is one thing that won't be at my daughter's birthday, a smash cake. I know, I bet a million of you just said, "OMG she's ridiculous."  

I don't know why, but even before I had a baby there has always been something about a smash cake that irked my nerves and kinda grossed me out. The idea of setting that whole smash cake in front of an infant just seems a bit too much. 

As a parent we are told by books, doctors and more not to give our infants sugar or dairy before the age of one because it can hinder their taste buds for healthy food (and dairy for allergy/digestive purposes). I've even heard to wait until after two to start the occasional cookie or ice cream so that way by then their taste buds crave more healthy options rather than sweet options (to avoid a sweet tooth kid). 

Either way, there's a good chance that your one year old hasn't had any type of sugary food such as cookies or cake prior to their birthday. Soooo...we're going to load them up on sugar and dairy on their birthday and make them sick to their stomach? Hmmm. It just doesn't make sense to me. 

Don't get me wrong, I sometimes think those smash cake pictures are cute too. And I mean it is their birthday so you want to let them enjoy it! My issue lies in the size of the cake and the amount of icing. I've seen smash cakes that are big enough to feed about 6-8 adults. That's a lot of cake to put in front of a baby (granted I know they don't eat it all). 

I just don't see where it makes sense to give a child a LOT of something when they are so unfamiliar with it. I guess I feel like that's saying here's a whole bag of Reese's, now let's see if you're allergic to nuts. It just doesn't make sense to me nor do I feel like it sets a good example for healthy eating. 

For those thinking I'm being a completely health stricken mean mama, I do plan on giving my daughter a bite of her cake to play with. I'm doing it the old fashioned way; she's getting a little slither of her cake. Or if it's cupcakes she's getting just some of a cupcake. I've even considered making her a small smash cake made out of dairy free, gluten free and sugar free ingredients. But once again, my part of my problem lies in the size of the cake (and all of that icing) so it's pointless to make her a cake like that because it would still just be too much. 

I'm sorry, I just don't want my child to throw up and have a belly ache on her first birthday. I don't want to load her up on sugar, a foreign substance to her, just for the sake of her birthday or for the sake of a photo. Call me mean. Call me crazy. I really don't mind. I'm getting used to odd looks. 

And I promise, I don't think you're a bad mama for doing a smash cake with your baby. It's what you want to do and what you're comfortable with. We all do things differently. And yes, I think your kids are cute in some of those photos I see with cake all over them. 

This is just me being me. I'm just not a fan of smash cakes. 

But I won't lie, you give me a crap load of cake, and I'll eat it up like no one's business. I'm currently working on that though. 

Here are some fun alternatives I thought of and/or found:
Smash Watermelon
Oatmeal Cookie crust with dairy free cream cheese and fruit topping
Dairy free, sugar free, gluten free cupcake
Cake with no icing or just a little dollop of it 
Sugar free cake with sugar free icing or fruits

Here are some fun ideas from Pinterest. See my board for some healthy smash cake ideas and for the recipes and sources of the photos below. 

What's your thoughts on a smash cake?

Thanks for reading, Sasha

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