Forever in Debt to my Baby Daddy

Well I bet the title of this post made you think, "hmmmmm..." 

Let me just cut to the chase. I have a really cool baby daddy. He's the shizzle. Okay, enough with the lame street talk. My baby daddy hubby is amazing. 

He has given me the most amazing gift a mother can have. Sure he gave me the most beautiful child who has opened my heart to a whole new love, but today I'm talking about something different. My guy has given me the gift of time; the gift of laughter; the gift of cuddles and kisses galore. He has given me the gift of freedom and the gift of creativity in my daily life as a mom. 

My whole life I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom. It just felt like that was what was right for me. It's kind of a big thing to mention to a guy that, "hey dude if you marry me, I ain't workin'." Luckily for me, we've been together since such a young age that I was able to throw the thought into many late night phone conversations making it less of a shock when the time really did come. 

As much as I'm sure my husband would LOVE for me to still have a paycheck, he has accepted our new one income household with open arms. And you have to understand this guy; he's all about money (not in a bad way). I just so happened to have married a smart guy who is all about investing, stocks, retirement and a bunch of other stuff that truthfully bores me to no end (yep, he's probably reading this). Sometimes I can't believe the little financial side of him doesn't mind me just sitting on my ass all day. Then again we all know the truth about SAHMs and their asses - rarely are they really on them. 

Our only recent picture of just us two...NYE 
He complimented me last night on the fact that he comes home to a clean house, a warm, cooked meal, a baby still thriving and more. He knows I don't just sit on my ass all day (although yes before you point it out - I am doing so right now - guilty as charged). He knows I work hard and he appreciates me. That's a good man. Although hubby since you are likely reading this, I will say that the compliments always go a long way - so you don't have to stop. :) Feeling appreciated is one of the best gifts that a father can give to their child's mother. 

Even though it has only been about a year that I've been at home as a "homemaker," I do feel like I will be in debt to him and if things go as planned, we'll have many more babies and I'll be home for many more years. That makes me even more in debt to him. 

He has given me the greatest gift of all time. He has given me TIME. Time to watch me daughter grow; time to care for in the way that I desire; time to wash her diapers; make her meals; read her books; time to play; and most of all, time to love. I kiss my baby ALL DAY and I hold her for no reason sometimes. My ears are filled with her laughter and squeals rather than the chitter chatter of other boring co-workers. And my wardrobe consists of the comfiest pajamas around rather than the stiffest pair of khakis. That is a gift (not the pajama pants, the all day kisses and cuddles)

So many days when I'm sitting in a house with sunlight beaming through the windows, clothes all washed and put away and a baby crawling all over me smothering me with kisses, I just want to shout from the rooftops. I want to shout about how amazing the man is that I married. I want to shout my gratitude to him and my love for him. I want to shout out how undeniably happy I am. 

Never in my life have I had a job as important as the one I do now. Never in my past ten years as a working person have I ever really enjoyed my job as I do now. Not many people can say they have their dream job, but luckily for me I can. 

And that is exactly why I feel like I owe so much to such an amazing man. He has given me my dream job and the life I've always wanted. I don't know what I did to marry such an amazing baby daddy, but boy I sure am glad he's mine. 

Thanks for reading, Sasha
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