Mama Made Baby Food: Blueberry Bananas

This was such a fun recipe to make and luckily for me, my Little Bug loved this stuff! I say it was fun because it required little chopping on my part. I used two whole bananas (minus a smidgen that she ate beforehand) and half of a small container of blueberries. I know, I know, I really need to measure this stuff. What you see in the photo is the exact amount of blueberries that I used. To be honest, I don't measure anything when making baby food. I just use what I have and make it work. 

For the bananas you really just have to cut them real quick into small pieces but you don't have to worry about making them too small since they are already mushy. For the blueberries you just rinse them good and you DO leave the peeling on. I then sliced them into little halves to make it easier for my Baby Brezza. I recommend buying blueberries organically if you can to prevent pesticides leaching in the food. 

I chose a steam time of 10 minutes and then let the Brezza do the work. I did however give it some extra blending in the end which helped get rid of the little bits of blueberry peelings even more. 

Isn't the texture and color of this food beautiful? My Little Bug loved it and I'm sure yours will too! 

Do you eat blueberries? I don't really care for them, but hubs
loves them as a snack!

Happy Cooking, Sasha

Disclaimer: This is NOT endorsed by Baby Brezza. I just believe in this product and it is what I used. 
Heck, they don't even know I am writing this post and likely won't see it...
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