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Today I am reviewing some awesome products that a friend of mine sent me. Have you ever heard of Arbonne? Well maybe you have, maybe you haven't. I actually fell into the category of not having a clue what Arbonne was but it has been a great discovery! I'm going to give you a brief tidbit straight from my friend (a person consultant for the company), 

Arbonne is an over 30 year old company that has been green and certified vegan before it was trendy.  All products are botanically based and are all pure, safe, and beneficial.  The products are a cut above the rest because they are formulated without gluten, dyes, fragrances, mineral oil, animal products or by-products, parabens, PABA, or artificial sweeteners. 

You guys all know I am all about natural skin care and using the least amount of chemicals that I can use, especially when it comes to my baby's delicate skin. Their skin is so delicate and sensitive that you have to really watch what you use. Arbonne prides itself in making baby skin care products that are fragrance free and free of mineral oil. Fragrances can often irritate your little one's skin and mineral oil impedes respiration through the skin -- so why would you want that? I gave the Arbonne Baby Lotion and Baby Hair and Body Wash a try and well, I loved them!

Here's my breakdown of thoughts on the baby products: 
A) The packaging is super cute first of all 
B) The lotion really helped to heal some dry patches my little one was having from this winter weather including what was possibly some eczema
C) Although it's fragrance free it is quite delightful (I know, I sound corny as hell) 
D) The wash is sudsy (again, corny)
E) I love that they list their ingredients for you to see and obviously I love that in the tidbit above you can discover they are free of many harmful chemicals that other known companies still use

Overall I would definitely recommend this as a product to try. I am a new fan of the lotion for sure and HIGHLY recommend it for dry skin. My baby doesn't have eczema bad, but I've noticed faint spots here and there and this lotion has already seemed to help it heal. 

Let's move onto a product for moms -- the Arbonne Shea Butter lotion. Can I just stop right here and tell you that I LOVE THIS STUFF. The scent is purely amazing and for some odd reason it reminds me of being on a beach (really I don't know why). It's perfect for this winter weather and dude it seriously helped my ridiculously dry hands! Also this product is  wonderful for expecting mommies and postpartum moms who are looking for help with stretch marks. This shea butter product is also infused with sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, rosemary leaf extract, and cocoa seed butter. You have to get your hands on this stuff; my words to describe it -- silky smooth.

Lastly, I am GIVING AWAY one of my friend's favorite products! We all know moms are busy and exhausted (hello no sleep!) so here is the great pick me up that is healthy and well not toxic like, oh Redbull perhaps...

This box of fizz sticks are in a yummy pomegranate flavor and are infused with Vitamins, particularly B chromium for some extra energy. You just add a stick to 16-20oz of water (don't shake the bottle so you don't end up wearing it) and enjoy a fizzy drink that is much more natural and not nasty ole Coca Cola or tainted energy drinks.

This product can temporarily: Help promote alertness and enhance cognitive performance // 
promote endurance and enhance motor performance // reduce fatigue // 
It also contains antioxidants 
Due to the fact that I am still a breastfeeding mama, I did not sample this product although to be honest I'm pretty sure I could have because it's just 
full of vitamins. But with a baby who already doesn't sleep well, I didn't want to add any extra "energy" in there that would keep her up!
Otherwise, this would definitely have been something that I would have liked to try! It also comes in a citrus flavor! 

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Want to purchase some of these products for yourself (or shop around for tons more @ Arbonne)?
Then contact Cori, my sweet friend that send over this stuff and mention The Mushy Mommy to receive 20% off of your order
Yes, that's pretty amazing!!! 
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Special thanks to Cori for introducing me to such awesome products!

                                                       Thanks for reading, Sasha

Although I was sent these products to review, all opinions are honest and solely my own. 
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