Green Linkup: Recycle

I have said for awhile that I've wanted to recycle. I've been putting it off and putting it off. This has actually been a goal of mine since way before Little Bug came along. The past week or so I have been accumulating all of my plastic bottles and today I am off to get a container to store them in to begin the process. I'm starting off with just recycling plastic and glass and will slowly work up to recycling paper as well. Slow changes are best when trying to live a greener lifestyle (at least that's my motto). 

Today I am sharing some of my favorite Pinterest recycling ideas! There are endless ideas out there on Pinterest and there are many companies that sell the cutest recycling bins. I'm thinking my system will not be quite as cute as many of these. I plan on being inexpensive about this! gotta start somewhere. 

Next week I'll share my system with you! 

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