Baby's Wish List This Christmas

So as much as my husband doesn't want me to go over board this first Christmas, I'm trying desperately hard not to but it sure is hard. This is the list of stuff that I want to get our sweet Christmas Angel; I think this is a good list. It's not too overboard and this list even includes stocking stuffers!! 

I love vtech toys and find that many of their toys are some of the best ones out there for developmental and fine motor skills. We already have a few vtech toys but I'm very excited about the two that Santa is bringing her. The activity cube is great for her because she loves holding little blocks in her hand and hopefully this cube will give her something to do with the blocks. The learning house is a new item that I want to get her since she has started crawling and finds it amusing to crawl under things. She loves to go under her jumper and play under there; she tries to sit up under there but she's too tall for it. I hope she loves this house!

For stocking stuffers I plan on giving her a wooden pull along elephant that I picked up recently and Jacques the Peacock from the Lamaze Toys line (and maybe a new diaper or something). Y'all know my feelings with Lamaze toys -- I simply love them! The fish bowl is a toy that I have adored for so long, I think she'll enjoy holding the fishies. She's a fan of the little toys that fit in her hand. Then the musical garden lamaze toy is one that I don't have to get, but may get for her. When baby touches the flowers they start singing and dancing! 

Finally, I purchased her this beautiful copy of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and I think that it is so artistic and pretty. I plan on wrapping it and letting her rip the paper off Christmas Eve (if she can, LOL). I also picked up another beautiful book the other day for Christmas as well (hey it was $5). I also plan on putting my old wooden rocking horse that I received from Santa under the tree. It's been at my mom's house and I'm going to give it to my Little Bug and hope that one day she loves it. It's so old fashioned and very pretty. 

So what does your list look like? Is this too much? I mean if she was an infant that wasn't crawling around and playing with toys, she'd hardly get anything. But that's not the case here. She's an active, little busy body who loves exploring. I don't want to be the mom who buys my baby a new toy on every shopping trip, but something like Christmas just gives me a good excuse to do a little spoiling! 

I am SO ready for Christmas! Today we are eating Christmas cookies and watching the movie Elf. I don't even care that Thanksgiving hasn't come yet. I can have turkey spirit and Christmas spirit!

Have you planned your gifts for your child this Christmas?

Thanks for reading! Sasha

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