Please Don't Give My Baby That

Am I the only person (besides my husband thank God) who doesn't like the idea of giving a baby just anything to play with? I am beyond tired of seeing my baby playing with other people's water bottles, sprite bottles and whatever else kind of bottle. Those bottle's aren't made for babies and are full of our germs, so WHY O WHY must they play with that? And one time it was two people that I had never met before that both gave her a water bottle (their bottle) to chew on. I quickly handed her Sophie the Giraffe to "intervene." 

Hubby and I have been running into this frequent issue lately where people give our baby just anything. I've caught her with a paper plate one time that resulted in bits of paper plate in her mouth and on her hands. I was just in the room over and found baby like this and was devastated. I try hard to purchase toys for my baby that are safe, non toxic and free of common plastic chemicals. Now granted she still has many toys that are not "green" or labeled as non toxic, but the ones that go directly into her mouth (that are intended for the mouth) I search high and low for. 

I know I can't protect my child from everything and I also know that babies do need some germs in their life, but there are certain things that just shouldn't be given to a baby. If it isn't her toy or some Tupperware dishes, then don't give it to her. I know a lot of the time this is because some people just don't think that way. Some people don't see something as full of germs or even hazardous, but you just never know. I don't blame others for the issue; to some it's not an issue.

I'm just crazy. 

I could go on and on about this issue as well as a few others. Like babies purposely just swapping teething toys back and forth -- we're not a fan of that either. However I know that sometimes that issue is pretty hard to avoid. I'm fortunate that my husband feels the same way about all of this as me, but it does come to a point where you don't know how to politely inform others that you don't approve of the current "item" in their mouth. I guess on one hand you don't want to offend others and then on the other hand you know that they are just going to think you're crazy.

But when it's your baby, it's your baby.

I know most people just aren't thinking when they give a baby any item to chew on, but as a mommy who pays attention to that stuff and has OCD (I've self diagnosed myself) I ALWAYS think about that. I think as parents we just need to grow a pair and politely speak up. 

So...who thinks I am crazy? 

Our favorite safe teething toys: Sophie the Giraffe and Innobaby Teether

Are you a fanatic about what baby chews on?
How do you handle the situation? 

xoxo, Sasha
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