Excited About Poop and a Giveaway

I'm excited about baby poop for two reasons today...

1). It's day four that Little Bug hadn't pooped and I hate knowing that my baby wasn't going regularly and keeping all of that in there. Ouchie.
2). My new Bumgenius diaper sprayer has been hooked up since Wednesday and considering I spent $60 on it, I was sooooo anxious to use it.

Well, as of about fifteen minutes ago my little toot did just that -- tooted and pooted. You can imagine that since we now are on solids and since she hadn't gone in forever that I had quite a load to clean. All I can say is that I LOVE the diaper sprayer. It's amazing to just spray off everything and just put it in the pail. No mess for me and no hassle either. Before we purchased the sprayer and since she has started solids, I was doing the old school swish method in the toilet. It wasn't the worst thing in the world BUT when there is a better way, there is a much better way. I'd highly recommend that darn thing to anyone!

Enter to win a Boba Wrap Baby Carrier, an Origami Necklace set that includes one locket, three charms and a chain and three months of advertising on my blog. This is an amazing giveaway valued at over $180 so make sure to enter!

{Giveaway Details: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.
The Boba Wrap is a value of $38 US Dollars and will be given away in winner's color of choice:
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We love our Boba!

Thanks so much for reading and Happy Giveaway Celebration!

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