Is Your Man Addicted to You?

Sharing my number one post from my former blog, Romance In a Glance. I wrote this a long time ago. Enjoy! 

 I noticed an advertisement on my blog that said something along the lines of "Make Him Addicted to You." It made me laugh for a couple of seconds and then I thought how much of an interesting topic that would be.

Is there really anything a girl can do to make a man addicted to her? Is your guy addicted to you?

I suppose to find the answers out, I could have clicked on my advertisement, but I decided not to do that. What is the meaning of being addicted? Well according to Merriam-Webster, addicted is defined as:

1 : to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively <addicted to gambling> 
2 : to cause addiction to a substance in (a person or animal)

Devote. Surrender. Two extremely powerful words. So powerful that when you hear those words explaining a man's feelings towards a woman, you will more than likely think one of two things:
1) You will giggle and say "Yea, right." 
2) You will giggle and say "Yes, my man is addicted to me."

I think the majority of women will probably say they do not want a man to be addicted to them. It can become overwhelming and probably a little creepy. Do you want your man's every thought to be about you (maybe)? Do you really want a man to surrender to your every need and want (not bad right)? Well, if you are answering those questions with a "yes" then you are probably part of group two. You are part of the group that knows and likes that your man is addicted to you. 

So how addicted does addicted really mean? Does it mean that your man will not go anywhere without you? Or does it mean that he calls you every hour when you are with your girlfriends just to "check in with you?" Does being addicted justify strange behavior? Does addiction make it okay if a man becomes obsessed with you to the point that nothing else matters in life?

But wait. What if addiction to a woman isn't those things?

Having your man addicted to you may not sound quite so creepy and controlling. A man that is addicted may love to cuddle with you on the couch, even if his best friends are sitting around too. A man that is addicted may go out of his way to take care of you in times of need and sickness. He may always have to tell you he loves you when he hangs up the phone...because he is addicted to it. He may not visit with the guy's as much as previous times, but only because he enjoys your company so much. He is addicted to having you in his life and doesn't want you to leave; so to keep you from leaving he overwhelms you with love and compassion. He surrenders his heart to you. He is addicted to the love you bring into his life and devoted
to making you happy and safe.

So how do you do it? How do you make him addicted? After thinking about it, I don't believe there is an answer; nor do I think that the advertisement on my blog has the answer either. Making a man addicted to you isn't a game or a challenge and it may not always have to be considered "addiction." 

Maybe making a man addicted to just to make him fall in love with you. 
Maybe to devote himself to you, he must first surrender his heart to you.

So with that said... maybe Merriam-Webster's definition was correct.

Is your man addicted to you?

xoxo, Sasha
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