Baby TV

I usually would put the "toons" on in the mornings while I cooked and did blog work and then usually changed the channel because I didn't want my baby glued to the TV all day. Well I decided the other day to Google just how bad {or maybe good} television is for infants and well I was shocked to find out that it's like really bad. I mean I know TV isn't good for kids - hello obesity and laziness - but I didn't think a little infant could really receive a negative effect from TV. 

So after the articles I read scared me, I have started to leave the TV off most of the day and just put the classical music channel on to have some background noise. It works pretty well and I feel like a better mom. But before you think I'm going to extremes here, I DO let her watch some TV every now and then. I have resorted to using it when I have to get dress and she won't "cooperate" with me. That's when Daniel Tiger comes in pretty dang handy. I know a little won't hurt her, but I do think as moms we all have to watch how much we use the TV to babysit our baby. 

But cutest thing ever was putting Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on after several days of not watching it and I had a baby that was laughing up a storm. It's like she missed her boyfriend, Mr. Daniel Tiger. 

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Oh and you know what my child really loves? Football. I guess she enjoys the men in tight pants!

What's your TV rules for your children?

Thanks for reading, Sasha

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