Homemade Baby Food {Green Linkup}

So in case you missed it, this is a picture heavy post! But with really cute pictures right?

Yesterday I just couldn't take it anymore and I went searching for a butternut squash and came home to let the baby food making festivities begin. First off, I have never even seen one of those veggies before and it's HUGE. I still have a ton of it left to make (which goes to show you just how cheap it is to make your own food). I think I paid like maybe $2.00 for the veggie and the portions here in the last photo is only about 1/3 of the vegetable. There's no telling how much money I saved just by buying that large squash versus a ton of baby food. 

Making your own baby food is great for many reasons. 1) If you're buying from local markets it supports local farmers 2) It's much cheaper than buying jarred food 3) It is much healthier for baby since you know exactly what goes into it and most of all it contains more vitamins and nutrients than overcooked jarred food 4) You're not wasting glass jars, labeling and manufacturing and 5) It's super fun and easy!

I have a Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker and I LOVE it. It comes with a handy guide full of recipes and tells you how long something should be cooked for in the cooker. Seriously - all I did was chop the squash, place it in the food maker and push one button, "Steam and Blend." Oh and I pushed the 20 Minute button too. That's it -- twenty minutes later I had homemade baby food. 

Seriously, why can't it be this easy to cook our meals too? Oh yea, hello microwaves. 

Feeding Little Bug food for the first time was possibly one of the most exciting things ever! I had a feeling she'd take to it like a pro because she's always mocking us when we eat and reaching for our food. Little Miss Piggy didn't even hesitate -- she kept opening wide for more and never made a "nasty" face! She seemed to love mama's home cooking and ate quite a bit for her first meal. Now as long as she keeps nursing fine -- I'll be one happy mama!

Do you or did you make your own baby food?
Were you as excited about your baby's first meal as my crazy self?

Thanks for reading, Sasha

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