Mommy Has a Green Side: Linkup {Green Toys Inc}

Hubby was asking the other day where were all of Little Bug's toys and I mean really, at only four months old she doesn't need a lot of toys. She has the usual teethers, some cuddle buddies, rattles and books; that's really all she needs. However since this kid is deciding to grow up so fast (sigh), I know she'll soon be sitting up and playing with things. So of course, I want her to have safe things to play with. 

I was at the store the other day trying to find her something to have that played music or lights up and I literally battled over what to purchase for oh about thirty minutes. Since she's teething it literally freaks the begeezus out of me to think of the toys she is putting in her mouth. Obviously I know that all her toys won't be non-toxic, eco-friendly toys; I know people will get her adorable toys and I know that I'm not going to not get her certain things just because it's not meeting my "ideal" standards. So please don't think I'm completely coo-coo. 

But for now since everything goes into her mouth, I'm going to help what I can and buy what I can that is free of toxins, paint and more. I'll only be coo-coo while she is in this everything-goes-in-my-mouth-stage. 

I adore this shipment of items that came in yesterday for Little Bug. Green Toys Inc. is a website full of food items, toys, bath items and more that is obviously GREEN and made from recycled plastic. These two toys I received for Little Bug are made from recycled milk jugs -- how cool is that!? This is straight from their website about her toys: No BPA, phthalates, PVC or external coatings, and also meets FDA food contact standards. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Packaged with recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy inks.

I knew about Green Toys after receiving some bowls in a Citrus Lane box. I'm so excited about these items and I know that when Little Bug starts playing with them soon (they are age six months) she can put them in her mouth and I'll be at peace knowing it's safe. YAY for GREEN and YAY for being made in the USA. 

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