Little Bug: Four Months

Dear Little Bug, 

You're now four months old. Geez how the time passes by.  Daddy and I can't believe how fast you're growing. It's amazing every day to see how you're learning and discovering new things. Like the fact that you can now put your noopie in your mouth yourself -- still amazes me! You're so beautiful and such a little light in our life. Actually, you're a big light -- our whole light! We love you so much. I swear you get kisses from us about every few minutes and mommy is always taking in your sweet baby scent. Daddy has been off for two weeks now, and we're loving every minute of it! We've done some shopping together, some eating out and lots of sitting with daddy in the recliner! 

Weight: 14lbs 1.5oz. (50th-75th Percentile)
Length: 25.5 inches (90th Percentile)
Clothing Size: Still some 0-3 Months, 3 Months and even some 3-6 Months, and some 6 Months
Diaper Size: Size 2

Loves: Mommy and Daddy so much that lately you're not a fan of seeing other people.
You're famous for sticking out that puppy dog lip to other people and then laughing when mommy
and daddy take you! You still love your bouncer, you love your jumper but only for about 10 minutes at
a time, you love PBS cartoons (particularly Dinosaur Train and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood),
you love your Innobaby Teether, your glow worm and your feet!
And you LOVE our story time every day and you also love to stand up.

Oh and did I mention how much you love your daddy? It's the sweetest thing.
You look at him and your face lights up, even when he's doing something else.
He's the apple of your eye already. And you're definitely the apple of his (yes you stole my thunder).

What You're Up to: You're growing up before our eyes! You're now rolling over from your back to your belly
and sometimes even back to your back again. When on your belly you can scoot around in circles.
You're trying to learn to sit up and we're working on it a lot lately. You haven't been sucking your thumb
lately but you're definitely teething. You're also trying to roll off of your changing table which isn't good!

Likes: Playing on your belly for a short period of time, sitting in your Bumbo seat by mommy and daddy
while we eat dinner, you like watching us eat, you like swinging to take a nap and currently it looks like
you're becoming a fan of rolling onto your belly for nap time. Which makes mommy super nervous.
You also like discovering our faces with your hands -- you get quite a grip!

Dislikes:  Really not a fan of tummy time for too long. We wonder if you're scared of riding in
the car seat in the dark car at night because you cry most then. And as I said earlier,
you're having issues occasionally with other people. Oh, and you don't like when daddy moos like a cow.
We have that on video and you're not a fan at all. You also got scared and sad when you saw me
blow drying my hair - I think the sound scared you. You have officially mastered the puppy dog lip
and it melts our heart every time because it is SO cute!

Food & Diapers: Still on mommy's milk! You're so efficient that you nurse for only about 4-8 minutes per
feeding and then you go about 3 hours between feedings. You only take about three bottles a week.
Mommy has introduced dairy back into her diet and you seem to be handling it well, 
so mommy definitely believes now it is a nut allergy. Mommy had some nuts on different occasions awhile 
back and started noticing a trend in behavior and bad diapers - so we think that may be it. 

Crying: You squeal like a squeaky toy when you cry and you scream A LOT.
You also poke that little lip out like you're heartbroken. Lately you just cry over
strangers and if you're over due for a nap. 

Schedule: Well, during the day you go about three hours between feedings.
You're usually in bed between 9-9:30 although lately I notice that you're ready sooner. 
And you usually sleep until about almost 2 am and then wake to eat and then 
you wake again at about 5:30 am and then we sleep anywhere from 7:30-8:15.

Sleep: You have changed your sleep habits lately and not really for the better. 
You used to wake only once around 3:30ish and now that has changed. 
We're trying to wean you from the swaddle but that doesn't always go well.
And mommy (daddy too!) isn't ready to move you to the crib so even though 
you're about to outgrow your bassinet, we may put your pack n' play in our room soon. 

Outings/Experiences: You dressed in your first Saints gear for the first game 
of the season, you went to cousin Ayden's birthday party, you've given daddy a hard time 
a few times while mommy teaches dance, we took you to Olive Garden and for the first time 
at a restaurant you fussed a little, and you started grocery shopping with mommy.
Mommy loves watching you explore the world and playing with your new toys.

Mommy even wore you around Wal-Mart recently. 
If we went more places I'd wear you the whole time, but we stay home a lot. 
It's your favorite place! Mommy and daddy like to take you everywhere with us or 
keep you at home with us. Aside from staying with Gigi sometimes, we always have you
and it's something that we love. We're not ready to just drop you off or let anyone else watch you. 
We just love our baby! 

Little Bug, we never knew a love like this before. 
It's insane how much we love you, kiss you and cuddle you. 
You're like a baby doll that we just can't put down. 

Love you to the moon and back times infinity.