Bye Bye Bassinet

Well now that Little Bug can roll over from her back to her belly, the bassinet seems to be out of the question. She's trying to roll over to sleep on her side which seems to be her favorite position, but in the bassinet that's just not too safe since the side is all fabric and isn't too breathable for her. After she tried to sleep on her side twice last night right up against the wall of the bassinet, hubby and I said no more. 

So since I am not ready to move her to her room which feels like a mile away, we have put her pack n' play in our room for the time being. Tonight will be our first night trying it out for her to sleep in. She used to nap in this in our living room but that was before she knew how to roll over. I'm curious how tonight will go -- I already foresee a lack of sleep on my part. I'll likely have to not swaddle her since that's not too safe either for a baby that can roll over, so that will likely add to the "no sleep issue." We've been trying just one arm out of the swaddle to wean her from it and that seems to do okay so far. 

Thankfully hubby doesn't seem too ready to move her to her room yet either. So glad I didn't have to pout about it and say "but I don't wanna..." Seriously, her room is a mile away and I have no clue when I'll be ready to move her in there. 

She's growing so fast. I can't believe we're telling her sweet little bassinet bye bye. I loved that thing. It was perfect for us and for her for the last four months. I'd recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat!

 But...with a bigger baby, comes bigger things! 

When did you move your baby to their crib?
xoxo, Sasha