Recipe: Zesty Pasta Salad

I've always been the type of person that hated pasta salad. From the idea of the pasta being cold to those funny looking colorful noodles, I refused to ever eat it. Then one day someone told me about their pasta salad and that it wasn't the typical kind. Once she explained everything in it, I realized that perhaps I could actually attempt to try this one because I loved all of the ingredients.

My one request though? None of those colorful noodles please. I tried her salad and well, needless to say, I LOVED it. I'm not even an Italian dressing kinda gal, but it sure tastes good! This recipe takes no time at all and is great for a dairy free breastfeeding diet (sans cheese). I have made this a few times for different parties and showers and it's one of the most talked about dishes and people are always asking for the recipe. Makes you feel good that your brought a hit to the partayyyy.

-1 Bag Pasta
-Tomatoes {I used two large}
-2 Cucumbers
-1 Can chopped olives
-McCormick Seasoning in Salad Supreme
-Grated Parmesan cheese
-1 Bottle of Zesty Italian Salad Dressing by Kraft
-Half Dozen Eggs

How To:
1. Boil your noodles and your eggs {use whole bag depending on servings you need}
2. While items are boiling, chop tomatoes into small chunks
3. Slice cucumbers regularly and then go back to chop them into smaller chunks also
4. Once noodles are done boiling rinse them off with cold water and then place in a large bowl
5. Add the chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, and can of chopped olives 
6. Mix ingredients up while adding salad supreme seasoning and cheese {season to taste}
7. Mix in the whole bottle of dressing (or less depending on preference)
8. Peel your eggs and slice them to lay on top {these get mixed in while serving}
9. Leave in the refrigerator over night so that the mixture soaks
 up the dressing or eat it right away while it is nice and warm!
10. Enjoy!

Now this is a pasta salad that is easy and kickin'!
Who wants to give it a try?

xoxo, Sasha