Dressing to Breastfeed

                          Nursing Outfit


                        Fall Nursing Look


                       Nursing Set #2


                       Maxi Nursing Look


One of the hardest things about being a nursing mom is trying to figure out clothes that I can wear in the event that I need to nurse in public. Little Bug does do bottles if needed, but those aren't always a guarantee since sometimes she refuses a bottle. There's been several occasions lately where I don't know what to wear to an event or party because I want to be dressed to nurse her in case needed. 

The biggest problem is dresses. You can't just wear any dress, because you can't just pull it up all the way to nurse. Wouldn't that be a sight? So the best solution is a dress with buttons down the front. Thankfully I have recently found two of them and it has saved me when I needed to nurse her out in a park during a wedding. Other fixes are button down shirts with maxi skirts or pants. I've been on a huge skirt kick lately--so easy to slip on and mix and match with different tops. If the top doesn't have buttons, at least you can pull it up (but I much prefer buttons). Wrap dresses are also ideal or anything with a stretchy, V-neckline that can be pulled aside for the "milkbags" to pop out. 

So today I felt like being a little creative and creating some nursing, kid friendly looks complete with buttons for nursing and jewelry that they can't pull or pop. Even some bags big enough for baby items. All outfits and looks are items that I would wear and absolutely love.

Now, does someone want to take me shopping?

Do you try to dress with nursing or kid friendly items in mind?
Any advice?

xoxo, Sasha