The Chemicals in Diapers and a Product Review

{Disclaimer: I was not asked to do this post by the The Honest Co. I just choose to share the products that I believe in and use on a regular basis for my readers.}

When I first received my sample pack of The Honest Co. diapers I didn't have really high expectations. Although I already LOVED all of the products that I had tried, I was convincing myself that their diapers were more than likely going to be cheap, paper diapers that wouldn't stand a chance to the Pampers that I had a grown fond of. Boy, was I wrong. 

The Breakdown: While I've been on my search to eliminate chemicals and carcinogens from 
my home, I've dabbled with the idea of cloth diapering. This first came to me when I noticed how many diapers my little bug went through a day and it made me concerned about the impact that it had on the environment (yes I am weird like that). After researching about the pros and cons of cloth diapering, 
I realized that although cloth diapering may not be my first pick right now (I do believe it is best though), 
I knew I wanted my baby out of regular disposable diapers. They are full of toxins,
 harsh chemicals and YES -- carcinogens too. 

To sum up the chemicals in disposable diapers you have the following: 
Dioxins: a chlorine used to bleach diapers white that is known as one of the most toxic chemicals known to science and is registered as a human carcinogen. 
Sodium Polyacrylate: Linked to skin irritations and respiratory problems. Used for absorbency in diapers. Once used in tampons but was removed due to health concerns. So...they stuck it in diapers. 
Tributyl-tin (TBT): A toxic pollutant that is extremely harmful to our aquatic life once diapers are disposed. Recent research also shows that it can promote the growth of fat cells causing human obesity. 
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): These goodies can cause eye, nose, throat irritations and much more such as cancers and even damage to liver and kidney systems. 
These are just the main toxins in disposable diapers, there are many more such as dyes, 
fragrances and plastics. For more read HERE and HERE

My Diapers of Choice: After deciding that cloth diapering may not work for us (mainly hubby), 
I decided to give these cute puppies a try. I already receive the essentials bundle from The Honest Co. 
where I use their cleaning and bath products for baby and I, so I decided to give their diapers a shot.
I love these diapers! And in all honesty -- they are the exact same texture and quality of the Pampers that I had grown fond of but are FREE of all harsh chemicals. They are completely plant based and I 
am so in love with them. We've had no leaks; they fit great; they look great; and they are very
absorbent. The sticky tabs to secure the diaper are just as great as any other brand. 

The Lowdown: While I do miss having the "pee pee" line on Little Bug's diapers to see when she was
wet, I have easily adjusted to the change. I do miss the baby powder smell that Pampers had but I now
know that it isn't best to have that in there anyway. In addition, there were many times that when Little 
Bug had a wet diaper I could smell something odd. In the beginning I assumed it was her urine smelling funny but it threw me off because it had a "chemical" smell. While using Huggies I never had the smell so I then knew it was the Pampers. Then, after purchasing one of those large boxes of Pampers diapers (96ct) I opened it up only to be caught with a whiff of that smell. It disgusted me. I knew then that it was
some sort of chemical I was smelling and to this day I think it's something used for the "pee pee" line. 

Why am I sharing this? Because I want others to be informed of what I didn't know. But hey, I know that
it's not a big deal to everyone. I believe in this product and have researched it up and down and have found
no bad reviews on these diapers. Now obviously regular disposable diapers aren't the worse thing in the world considering that many babies grow up in them and are obviously okay 
(with the exceptions of some lawsuits here and there-- Pampers Max Dry).
I just choose to do this for our's not for everyone and I know that. 

The Diaper and Wipes Bundle: For $79.95 I received a whole month supply of wipes and diapers. 
I received these cute prints up above in addition to some cute white diapers. It's great having it shipped to my door and setting it up online was not only fun, but easy. I received six packs of 46 diapers and 4 packages of wipes. Look for a product review on the wipes soon! There are of course boy styles too!
In addition, you can set the date each month that you want or need your diapers shipped. So once you
start running low, you can go in and change the shipment date to match your needs! YAY!

This analysis doesn't include the FREE wipes!

Do you ever start to wonder about all 
the chemicals around us?
I wish our world was FREE of them! 

xoxo, Sasha