My Daughter's Smile in the Dim Moonlight

Outside it's dark and the stars are shining bright,
I hear you stirring about in your bassinet,
and I know it's time for you to nurse,
so I wake you quickly before you fret.

I hold you close next to me,
and gently kiss your head,
and we make our way to the rocking chair,
as I leave behind my warm bed.

With your eyes closed and your mouth searching,
I begin to nurse you there,
and we rock quietly in the moonlight,
while I take in the scent of your sweet, soft hair.

Once your belly is nice and full,
I put you up on your favorite place,
resting sweetly on my shoulder,
you continue sleeping as I kiss your sweet face.

I make my way to your room,
turn on your lamp and lay you down,
with your eyes still closed you give a little stretch,
and I begin to change you hoping to make little sound.

It's then that your eyes suddenly open,
where you begin to see,
and I continue to quietly change you,
while you stare so peacefully at me.

Then you take your sweet hand,
and gently rub my arm,
and you give me the biggest smile,
as if to say thank you for keeping me safe and warm.

During that moment where not a word is spoke,
I slowly bend down to give you a sweet kiss,
and it's that special moment each and every night,
that one day I know I'll miss.

It's that moment that melts my heart the most,
because I feel your love and need for me,
and I feel your appreciation,
as if you're trying to say "thanks mommy."

We then go back to rocking,
in the moonlight ever so quietly,
where I once again hold you close,
and keep you warm and snuggly.

There's no greater joy than our nightly feedings,
no matter how much sleep I may think I need,
there's a moment to be shared and a moment to be had,
there's a smile and a touch that my heart is yearning to see.

One day you'll be fine,
and sleep all throughout the night,
and that's when I'll begin to miss that moment,
of you smiling so sweetly in the dim moonlight.

Written for my sweet little bug...
Love, Mommy