Foto Friday {Linkup!}

When looking back this week, there really wasn't much for me to share. 
I suppose we just had a chilled week and O-M-G, I didn't even use my camera!
Something must be wrong with me. So these pics are from my phone. 

This week I went to Carter's and bought baby girl these adorable leopard flats
as well as a few other things. Can I just say that their fall line of clothes is to die for. 
Leopard Jeans. Fur Boots. Polka Dot Skirts. Sweater Dresses. Tribal Designs.
I really wanted to buy the whole store...but I can't. I don't why (hubby!).

And this last photo is how I left my crew this morning when I went to get donuts. 
Yes, that's right! I had donuts and chocolate milk. That's probably the biggest thing about my week. I'm eating dairy as a test and guess what?!?! It isn't affecting Little Bug at all.
 So maybe it really is a nut allergy (which I'll test next week).
I suppose that is why I don't have many photos, because I've been stuffing my face. 

To be honest, it wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. Eating dairy again for some 
reason just made me feel unhealthy and "fat." On a dairy free diet where you eat NO
milk ingredients, you pretty much can just eat meat, veggies and grains. 
So although I'm glad to have milk with my Oreo's again, 
it wasn't the exciting dairy binge I thought it would be. 
And so far after each meal that has had dairy (I'm not over doing it) I feel
full and weighed down. Maybe there is something to this whole dairy free thing. 
More on that later though. 

Hubby is off for like a week -- WOOHOO -- so I'm going to enjoy it!
Happy Friday and make sure to share the image and linkup! 

xoxo, Sasha