A Special Sunday

This past Sunday was my Little Bug's baptism. These are just a few images from her special day. It was a beautiful day filled with lots of love and family and friends. She was SO good in church -- she didn't make a peep. I let daddy hold her most of the time because she was so content and sleeping in his arms, so I didn't want to disturb her. I can't believe how good she was! After church we had a little party at my parent's house with some good food, cake and lots of good company. It was a beautiful day and I can't wait to make her a photo book of all her photos. I love being surrounded by so much love and wonderful people. 

Lastly, I'd love to talk about the last photo there. She was baptized in the same dress that I was baptized in and wore bloomers and a bow made by my aunt especially for her. She also had a special blanket made for her by my aunt for her big day. The bracelet was a present from her aunt to wear on Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation and then her wedding day. The pacifier holder and church doll were from her Nanny and the church doll will later turn into a hankie for her wedding day (as will the bonnet she wore home from the hospital from my mother). The medal is from daddy and I for her to wear and pass down to her children one day. 

And finally...the most precious gift ever...

The gold cross is 51 years old as my mom wore it on her baptism day and then later her mother gave it to her for me to wear on mine. On Saturday my mom gave it to Bug to wear and I had no idea this sweet little treasure existed. It's so special to know that she's the third one in our family to wear it and that it really is an antique (ha, sorry mom you're antique too I guess). I can't wait to one day surprise her with this sweet necklace for her daughter. It's such a priceless treasure that made the day all the more special. My mom is truly the most amazing person ever and the best dang Gigi in the world. She'll also be the perfect Christian influence for her as she raised us in a home full of faith. Little Bug will one day be so happy to know that she wore her Gigi's cross on her baptism (she's wearing it in the dress-less photo above). It was just the perfect touch to the day. Our Little Bug also received so many other beautiful keepsakes and gifts from family - she's very loved! It was just a perfect day despite a few thunderstorms. Maybe it was just God's happy tears to see all of the new babies baptized and to see all the love surrounding them all. 

Does your child have a sacred treasure
passed down from family?

xoxo, Sasha