My Current Reads and Startling Facts

My current read that I purchased from "The Honest Company" is Healthy Child Healthy World. I'm pretty excited about this book and my new journey towards much more green and natural living. I've learned so far that childhood cancers were up 27% between 1975 - 2002; 75% of all cancers are due to environmental factors; since 1980 childhood asthma has increased by more than 200%; and Autism and ADHD has increased by more than 400% in the last twenty years (this is starling--caused by many chemicals as well). This is just some of the startling facts I pulled from the first section of the book. As time goes on and we ruin our environment with chemicals, pesticides, toxins and more -- we are also sadly ruining our health and the health of our children.

What's your favorite book about children, parenting, etc...? 

Any moms have read "Babywise" and found it successful? I actually have the book after finding it on clearance during my pregnancy and have since spoke to someone who swears by it. However I am finding it difficult to do sometimes. The book promotes a particular pattern of -- eat, wake, sleep -- versus the typical pattern of -- eat, sleep, wake. My Little Bug likes to fall asleep at every feeding, which makes this difficult for me to do. Any success stories with the book? {I've slacked in reading this one}


What's your favorite parenting or baby book?

Thanks for reading, The Mushy Mommy