One of My Greatest Compliments

Yesterday was my six week postpartum checkup and at that checkup I received some of my greatest and most meaningful compliments ever. The nurse I usually saw had no idea I went natural until she was asking me my postpartum questions and her exact words were "And you had an epidural, right?" 


"No I didn't." Nurse turns to me with a look of astonishment, "You went natural?" "Yep." Later on in the appointment she claimed she was still "tripping on the fact that I went natural." Sometimes I'm still tripping on the fact that I went natural too. 

Once the nurse practitioner joined us to do my exam, they were going on and on about me going natural and wanted to know what it was really like (which is kind of hard to explain in just a few sentences). Then hearing that I was still breastfeeding and staying home with my daughter led them to call me "supermom." I won't lie...the flattery was quite nice. 

While talking about my breastfeeding experience and telling them about the wonderful supply I've been blessed with so far and the amount I have frozen, I then received perhaps my favorite and most meaningful compliment ever. "Oh girl you was just made to have a bunch of babies. You were made to be a mom." 

Hearing that last comment really tugged at my heart because that's exactly what I want and hope to do -- have a bunch of babies. If they only knew I plan on making her food and that I'm throwing out all cleaning and skin care products to switch to all plant based ones, they may think I'm taking the "supermom" thing a bit too far. 

Us women were all made to have babies and we probably all strive to be supermom.  It's our natural instinct to want to give our child the best -- some just do it differently than others. Some are perhaps a little crazy - OCD - perfectionist like me and others are more laid back. But having someone tell you that you are a supermom is perhaps one of the greatest compliments ever.

What has been your greatest compliment
after becoming a mother?

xoxo, The Mushy Mommy