10 Odd Changes After Baby

  1. Eating dinner together with your husband suddenly becomes a thing of the past. Occasionally you can manage to if baby is napping or content, otherwise one of you is occupied with baby. This is especially true if your husband works late and just wants to cuddle with baby when he comes in -- then you indulge in dinner while you have the chance.
  2. Wearing makeup is only for special days. Ponytails are for every day and nursing tops are your newest, fab top.
  3. Housework is no longer done all within two hours -- it's spread out over 30 minute naps throughout the day and sometimes throughout the week. 
  4. In the beginning weeks after baby you may forget what outside looks like. 
  5. Random trips to the grocery store are no longer just for milk. It's for diapers, diapers and more diapers. Forget the fact that you ran to the store two days ago for diapers -- you're already figuring out when you can go back and get some more. 
  6. You wake up at 7 am and next thing you know it is 3 pm -- time flies with a baby.
  7. Staying up late and renting movies is a thing of the past. When baby goes to sleep -- mommy goes to sleep.
  8. Waking up in the middle of the night because husband is snoring is a pain -- but waking up to a cute little whimper is so worth it and really not bad at all.  
  9. Forget wanting to hang out with friends past 9 o'clock -- baby has a bed time and you want to keep them on schedule.  
  10. If you took a long bath for granted before you'll suddenly realize that they are so precious and marvelous. 
What are some changes in your life you 
noticed after having a baby?
xoxo, Sasha
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