The "Got To Have It" Problem

New moms are worry warts. New moms constantly want to look after their little ones. And new moms like me, don't want to be away from their little ones. Routines are established; days are all the same but wonderful; and baby and mommy enjoy their time together. Life as a new mommy and a stay at home mommy is beautiful.

There really isn't a need or a want to let her go. There's no need to drop her off here or there; one day there will be more of a need and an appreciation for that. The occasional "let me know if you ever need me to watch her" is appreciated and will likely one day be highly useful. But as a new mom you get to choose that day. You get to choose when you're ready for her to be watched by someone else other than you, your husband or as a new mom finds comfort in --your own mother.

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Having someone hint or say that need "to have your baby soon" is one of those things that a new mom doesn't know how to bypass. The parenting books didn't really come with a chapter on how to politely tell people "no, not yet." Many new moms just aren't ready to be away from their new baby. 

As a first time mom to a newborn, I can say that I have no intention of really dropping my child off anywhere any time soon. I don't need a break and I honestly don't want to be away from her. I've been blessed with an amazing mom myself who will come and sit with my baby for me to run the errands that I need to or for me to just get a breather. Even then I hate to be away for too long. However, I find comfort in knowing that my baby is in her environment at home. I think it is normal for a new mom to find comfort in her own mother and to find comfort in knowing that her baby is safe and sound in their own little house. I think that as a new mom we all have that feeling that we're not ready to drop them off anywhere for a few hours, a day or especially a night. 

As a new mom we are worry warts and we're also still on a natural high where we don't want to be away from our baby. There's no greater joy than just spending the day with my baby. And those that want to "have" her are just going to have to wait a little longer until Mommy is ready. 

When was the first time you dropped your 
little one off somewhere?
Did you ever have to tell someone you wasn't ready 
yet to drop them off somewhere and how did you handle it?

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