Can You Really Spoil a Newborn?

So you know the old idea that if you hold a baby too much or don't let them ever just cry it out, you'll end up spoiling them? Well most of us have heard it and if you're a new mom like me, it is likely that someone has told you about it. 
My loves.

So being the Google-er that I am, I decided to search this. Honestly this is one of those things that I really thought was true and I was just Googling it out of pure boredom I suppose. But as it turns out apparently it isn't so true anymore. 

According to numerous articles and studies, you can't spoil a newborn. It's only after the age of six months that you should consider not answering every cry with a running leap from the sofa and not always holding them to stop the crying. Apparently newborns need all the attention and love you can give (duh) and this momma here is happy to oblige. 

I will gladly include links to several articles that show that apparently you really can't spoil a newborn. In my opinion it makes perfectly good sense. They aren't smart enough to manipulate us and they are helpless little beings that are used to being warm and cozy inside of the womb. They still want that comfort of feeling mommy (or whoever else is holding them) and they more than likely appreciate the security of having someone take care of them. Considering that a newborn can't see very far or clearly for awhile, it's likely that they feel lost and scared when left alone; especially if they are not content at the moment. Having us there to comfort them is our job and I'm glad the "research" shows that we should do that. We are here to do a job and that is too take care of them. Sure if they are just "fussing" I don't think we should always give in, but leaving a crying newborn just sitting there is too hard for a new mom. You just want to kiss it away. 

Apparently those babies that aren't left to "cry it out" are more likely to cry less overall later on and are typically more confident, independent, and secure. For more on this cozy topic, check out the included links:

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Do you think that you can spoil a newborn
by holding them too much or answering their 
cries too much and too early?