Breastfeeding = Hard But Valuable Work

In the midst of what seems to be a gassy belly resulting from my 
overabundant milk supply mixed in with some fussiness that mommy can't seem to fix, 
I just need to hope that my boobs keep working and my baby keeps sucking. 
I've got milk for sure, just have to start block feeding to help Little Bit during the feedings. 
We've been off to a great start, but my fast milk flow seems to be upsetting her now.
So I'm trying all I can to make her happy and to make our feedings better!
Can't wait to do a breastfeeding post and share my experience so far. 
It's hard work and but it is SO worth it. And I truly hope to keep it up for a long time. 

And how appropriate is this picture? I accidentally spilled a couple of ounces recently, 
and was devastated! I have to pump out to relieve myself for comfort and to prevent engorgement, 
so I've created quite a stash already (200 oz frozen!) but any little ounce you lose is not cool!

Cheers to the Weekend!