Tips for a Happy Marriage

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Each and every relationship is different in its own way. Just because one relationship is a certain way, doesn't mean that your own relationship will be the same. Marriages are all different and all come with different problems. Some may have relatively no problems; some may argue over finances; others may have communication issues; some may have trust issues; and some may have a general I don't give a hoot attitude (those have a serious problem). Each marriage comes with different personalities and traits that make the relationship complete. When trying to give advice to others about marriage and relationships, you may realize that what works for you will not work for them. 

With that said, here are some of my fun tips for a marriage with relatively no problems. They may not all work for you, but it's worth a shot. And if you're in the I don't give a hoot category (or your husband is) my little advice won't work.

1. Always discuss your problems but not to the point that you keep bugging the heck out of your guy. 
2. Don't live your life in fear or worry. If you're worried that he will be upset because you went to dinner with the girls or you weren't home when he got home, then you may have a serious problem.
3. Learn to communicate openly, calmly and short and sweet when timing is bad. 
4. Never go to bed angry.
5. Brush off the little things. So what if for 2.2 seconds he raised his voice in annoyance. You were probably annoying him. 
6. Brush the little things off with hugs, kisses and even little jokes. Don't dwell on something that he didn't do to intentionally hurt you. Perhaps his day was horrible. You can make it better. 
7. Learn to read each other. If he seems to be in a bad mood, ask once or twice if he is okay and wants to discuss it. If he says no and seems annoyed, just go on with life. It's unlikely that it is about you-he probably just shorted in his pants at work and never got over it. 
8. Don't be afraid to tell him things. If there is something that you think may be wrong or broken, don't be afraid to tell him what it is. 
9. Always make time for date night. 
10. Try to never compare him to others - he's not everyone else. 
11. Don't get mad if he doesn't show concern over little things. You can express how it concerns and scares you; perhaps then he will realize that maybe your fears are natural and he will either develop the same concern or at least console you. 
12. Learn that men have a general optimism about anything. It's not a lack of concern they have, it's just a positive attitude. Girls worry too much and make things a bigger deal. 
13. Always kiss each other hello and take in a long hug. Those are the best. 
14. Learn to listen and not pester. 
15. Always say I love you. 

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What do you think? 
Do any of these seem ridiculous or right on the money?
What's your key to a happy marriage?