The "When Are You Due" Question

Today was an interesting day that proved to me that I've apparently reached that point where people are brave enough to ask "When are you due?" I believe I had maybe two people back in December ask if I was having a baby but today it was all about "when are you due" and "how far along are you?" 

It made me think of this previous post I had written, especially of the graphic I used to go along with the post. 

Part of me thinks it would have been humorous to just look at them and say "I'm sorry what?" "When am I due for what?" "Oh this, this is just the result of too much food and not enough sit-ups." It makes me wonder how someone would react if I did that. They'd likely feel horrible, but I'd sure get a kick out of it. 

I know. That's just wrong!

Perhaps they just happened to see that "glow" I have. You know, that glow that causes so much extra oil production that you can't quit having random breakouts. Or I got it, maybe they noticed the circles under my eyes from my lack of sleep last night. Thanks to a numb butt from trying to stay on my "left" side per all of the pregnancy books, the frequent urge to pee and the pouring down rain on a tin roof, I slept like doo doo. To be honest I think Little Bit is just preparing me for a general lack of sleep considering that my ability to sleep late went down the toilet (literally hugging the toilet) after 5 weeks of being pregnant. She's just preparing me for no more solid nights of sleep and no more teenage days of sleeping late. 

But something gave it away today. Whether it is the large bump attached to me; the glistening oil glow; the sleep deprived look; or maybe even the smile on my face for no reason---something made them ask when I was due. 

And I was proud to answer. 

Do you remember the first time a
stranger asked about your big belly?

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