Well today is my last day of work (well full time work). I still teach dance two evenings a week and I still have this awesome blog that will now get much more attention from me. Hey, I may not technically get paid yet on this one, but I still consider it a job. I have big goals for it---so we'll see. 

And let's face it...those that are familiar with being a stay at home mom know that it's a full time job in itself. Those that work full time jobs and then come home to their children know that they probably still don't have enough time in the day to finish everything they want. Either way--working or staying at home--it's a full time job plus some. Husbands aren't the cleanest; babies aren't equipped to care for themselves; and housework just never seems to catch up. Oh and that food you went purchase at the store? It doesn't cook itself no matter how many times you twitch your nose to make it happen. 

I actually pinned this Loaded Cauliflower recipe and
actually cooked it! We loved it. Find it here
Is it sad that I look forward to days of extreme cleaning and hours in the kitchen learning how to cook wholesome meals that take more than thirty minutes? I do. Although to be fair, I really don't like cooking. I hate when I fail at it and I can't seem to think of enough things to cook for variety. 

But I'll have to cook; there are no more excuses now. I've got a hungry husband who brings leftovers to work and when there are no leftovers, I feel bad. So now it's up to me to be superwoman. 

But aren't we all superwoman? 

When we rush home from our 8-5 job, us women try to find time to cook before we head off to teach dance or head off to the gym. Or we try to find time to cook while balancing kids with homework; dogs that need to be walked and floors that need to be mopped from the dog who wasn't walked who decided it was okay to pee on the floor that at the time didn't need to be mopped. 

Whew. Yes, I'd say women are superheroes.  Men may technically "rule" the world, but they couldn't survive without us and most of them wouldn't have lunch to bring to work the next day.

Okay, now I'm hungry from all this food talk.  

Where do you find new recipes to try at home?