Weekly Update: Halfway!!!

How far along? 20 weeks, 1 day (at the time of the picture)
Baby Size: A Banana
Total weight gain: 7 lbs
Maternity clothes? Of course. What else could I wear with a giant beach ball?
Stretch marks? None yet!
Sleep: Sleeping so well that I can hardly get out of bed in the mornings. 
Best moment this week: Getting a relaxing pedicure (although I was nervous too) and 
seeing Little Bit at the doctor for our checkup. 
Miss Anything? Enjoying the massage chair while getting a pedicure. I missed that. 
I was scared to use it since it massages so heavily on the lower back. 
Movement: Lots of sweet little kicks still. Waiting on them to get stronger. 
Food cravings: Still the same, pickles! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Well I caught a nasty cold during this week. 
Add in one morning of nausea and congestion and it was no fun. 
Gender: GIRL
Symptoms: Lots of backaches, nausea, leg numbness and round ligament pain!
Belly Button in or out? Getting out more and more...
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: Stating my case that I'm pregnant and whining a lot. 
Looking forward to: The day that my husband feels a good, hard kick. 
He feels her but not the hard kicks yet. She always stops when he puts his hand there.  

Just as an FYI, I forgot to take a belly pic for this week. 
I'm so sad because it was my halfway mark too. But thankfully
I do have this photo to look back on from this week as well as one of my
father and I comparing our bellies. It's quite entertaining but I didn't want to post it on here
so he wouldn't get embarrassed (not that he reads my blog, LOL). 
His little pot belly and my baby belly are quite funny together! 
Like father, like daughter. 

We also had our 20 week sonogram and Little Bit is perfectly healthy. 
She even turned to the "camera" at the last minute and opened her mouth
giving us a sweet little shot of her face. Can't wait to meet this child of mine :)

I can't believe it's halfway already!!!
{And actually I'm 21 weeks now as I write this}