To Make My Own Baby Food or Not?

When it comes to food I am a picky, picky eater. I do love sweets, but overall I think I pretty much stick to healthy choices. I don't eat red meat and eat minimal pork; and if it wasn't for being married and cooking my husband dinner, I'd be a vegetarian more than likely. I also wish I could eat all organically to avoid pesticides and fertilizers. Who decided it was okay to use that crap on our fruits and veggies anyway?

Now that I have Little Bit on the way, I have been trying to decide if I want to register for a baby food processor. Unfortunately there are really only two options available at Babies R' Us; one that is super expensive and one that is priced right. Needless to say I am confused on what I should do and if I even need those. Technically, you can make food with any blender and processor. I would then just need to register for the food storage jars. 

I've read about the advantages of making your own baby food. Everything from saving money to ensuring that you know what's in your baby's food and helping them grow an appetite for food that will keep them from being picky eaters. Although jarred baby food is healthy and even available organically, it does lose some of its important vitamins after being processed because of the extreme temperatures they cook it under. It also doesn't have all of the added sugars that some foods have.   

So my question to all of you fabulous ladies, is whether or not you made your baby's food? Did you have a particular baby food processor that you enjoyed and is there any advice you can give me? With me being a stay at home mom, I don't find the thought of making the food myself a hassle. I love the idea of doing it and hope that maybe it is a choice for me. 

After I published this post I found another option that is priced 
between these two with amazing reviews. Anyone had this?
Current update: We have the baby brezza and will begin making food 
in a couple of weeks. This mama is slightly excited! 

What do you guys think?