My Daughter Isn't Going to Date or Drive

It's funny how once your baby begins a regular pattern of movement you expect that every day. If the baby moved a lot yesterday, then you expect a lot today. Well, with that said I'm going to start poking little Miss Priss soon to get her moving more (just kidding I'm not poking my baby).

Don't get me wrong, she has moved today but it hasn't been like some days. I don't like when that happens. I know they sleep a lot and that during the day it is usually their bed time when it is our awake time, but c'mon mam, move some more. It truly is the best feeling when you feel them in there kicking around. There is nothing more comforting then knowing they are in there making a punching bag of your uterus. 

It is also weird how some days her kicks are SO strong. Almost as if she is just sitting there purposely kicking right on my uterus wall. Other days (the past few days) they have been more gentle. Makes me wonder if she has her back to my uterus wall and she's just wailing an arm around every now and then. 

It's funny how we go through life worrying about our children. I've come to the conclusion that life will always be like that. You pray to reach 12 weeks of pregnancy (safe point); you pray hard to get half way; then there is excitement at 23 weeks when you know Little Bit could technically survive if born early; you worry when you don't feel as much movement; you pray for a safe and on time delivery; and you then pray and hope for a healthy baby. But nope that is not it. Then comes the worrying about driving your baby around with crazy people on the road; going in public and catching the swine flu or sending her away on her first date with a guy you're not so sure of. 

That's it. I've decided I'm hardly ever driving; she'll go out in public in a bubble; and she's not dating a guy until he comes around my house first for at least a couple months. Then maybe she can date. Maybe. 

We'll always worry, pray and hope. That's all mommy's can do. 

Can anyone relate?
{I'm sure you can}