Planning to Induce versus the Rush to the Hospital

If you've been reading my blog, you likely saw the post I wrote about choosing to do a natural birth. Well before you picture me in a bathtub giving birth at the house, I really just mean a drug free birth. Although truthfully I wish I was brave enough to give birth at home, but I'm not quite there yet. 

One of my preferences with choosing to give birth naturally is to also stay away from being induced. In the past I always thought that women were only induced when deemed medically necessary for the mother or the baby. I can definitely see how sometimes they just need to get that little sucker out of there as quick as possible and I'm prepared to know that it could happen to me (although praying it doesn't). 

However, since I've gotten pregnant I have learned that people can actually choose to be induced just for the convenience of scheduling their birth. This was something that was shocking to me especially since many plan it and it sometimes occurs before forty weeks. Little do some know that labor begins when the baby is ready and it's lungs have reached the point where they release a substance that triggers the mothers body to begin labor. So when we choose to rush it, we are actually depriving ourselves and our baby the chance to reach that natural state. In addition, the drug that is used to induce actually intensifies contractions (no thank you). 

Now I know in some cases women go over forty weeks and it just doesn't seem to be happening naturally, so for the baby's safety they induce. And as I stated early, I know there are numerous reasons why some women get induced per their doctor's orders and I know that I would never tell my doctor "no" if she wanted to induce for medical reasons. 

But at the end of the day, I hope I am a woman who can go through the process the way it was meant to happen. Sure it may happen in the middle of the week when our family is all at work or it may happen in the middle of the night where everyone has to wake up and rush to the hospital. In my opinion though, that is how it was meant to be and part of what makes it so exciting. 

I don't want to plan Little Bit's birth for my sake or anyone else. I want it to be the day Little Bit is ready. I'll have plenty of appointments to schedule for her in the future, why not let this one just be.

***I'd like to update this post that my doctor clinic has formally come out and said they will not perform inductions on women that are between 39 and 41 weeks unless medically necessary. Read the article that made the news here. I am very proud of them! 

What's your views on being induced just
"because you can?"