Natural Childbirth

So today I began my research into looking for some good books to help guide me through a natural childbirth. Yes, that's right. This chic here is planning on a drug-free birth (emphasis on the word "planning"). I have said since day one of this pregnancy that I wanted to deliver naturally at the hospital and that's still the way I feel. 

My two new books!!! I can't wait
to do post on these to help others!
It is not that I think I have a high pain tolerance (although I do think it is high for a female) it is just that I have made a decision that I feel is best for baby and I. I know it won't be an easy task and I know it won't be a piece of chocolate cake, but it is something that I am at least going to try. 

It's bad enough that after I made this decision I did go ahead and read about epidurals just for schlitz and giggles. Well let me just tell you that if you're planning on getting an epidural I think you're just as crazy as you probably think I am for going naturally. That junk just doesn't even sound fun, not too mention that it comes with quite a few nasty affects--some permanent. I probably shouldn't have read about all of the bad things that come along with an epidural because now I'll really be ticked off if I cave in and get it. Let's just say I am more scared of the epidural than I am of the pain of passing a watermelon through a hole the size of a grape. 
What I am proud of, is that I am doing my homework. I am at least giving myself an option to learn and educate myself to prepare myself to go naturally and I have also done my homework to know the risks and affects that come with epidurals and such. I find too often that too many women just plan to get the epidural without even weighing the pros and cons and without educating themselves. Suddenly the epidural is what is normal. Just like planned births and inducing (although I totally understand that when deemed necessary for the baby).

I sort of wish things were like the old days. I wish that we all just waited until our waters broke and then had our husband drive us frantically to the hospital. Once we reach the hospital, we give a couple of pushes and out comes our bundle of joy. 

Who knows, perhaps I won't be able to handle the pain. But I can at least be proud of my attempt at preparing myself. Women were meant to do this and thankfully we now have doctors and technology to protect both us and baby. 

Women were made for this (that's why we are so much cooler than men).

Did you ever consider natural?
If anyone went natural, I'd LOVE your advice!