Sneak Peeks of the Nursery

I wanted to give a couple of sneak peeks of what is going on in Little Bit's nursery. 
I have been ordering like crazy from Etsy to have things for her nursery and start decorating. 
After a trip soon to Hobby Lobby, I should be able to start framing and hanging things. 

I sure do wish her furniture would come in. Why oh why must it take so dang long?

I have a gorgeous distressed sign coming in soon from Zulily about a Princess and her place in this world. I cant wait to get it in and share it as well. I'm so beyond ready to start getting the nursery together 100%. Right now it's really just her closet that is done (and relatively full). I'll also be on a mission soon for some curtains; I want something light and modern print. Any recommendations?

Can't wait for little miss thang to get here!

 She already has quite a stash of bows and headbands. Have to make sure she is stylin' right?

 Some of the items in her room...

 Toys that she has already started receiving. I honestly haven't bought many myself. Oh darn, 
I lied I guess. I just realized that four of them I have purchased. Whoops. 

 Etsy bins that I'm loving! The Chevron bin is from Diva's Intiuition
and the elephant bin is from Baffin Bags

 Her "Book Nook" and reading pillow. You know, because she'll be a baby Einstein. It's also bad
to say that the Book Nook is practically full. YIKES. But many was gifts and from my nephew.
Pillow from Etsy over at the lovely Jolie Marche

Just a sneak peek into her closet of clothes she has already accumulated. Mostly
onesies and sleepers. I can't wait to put her in them. 

Her adorable prints from Etsy that I still have to get framed. 
Chevron prints from Tessyla and 5x7 print from Wild Juniper

Obviously you have a hint at her name. 
I can't decide yet if and when I'll share it :)
What do you think?