My Baby Daddy Did What?

Okay so perhaps he'll get slightly upset over my post. But oh well...maybe he won't see it. 

I'm not one who does regular manicures and pedicures because as much as I love them, I'm not quick to go fork over the money for them. I always want the best pedicure-you know the expensive one- and it just seems crazy to go on a regular basis. Not to mention that I kinda feel funny when I go alone even though I really enjoy the peace and quiet. 

Well my husband, who let me state is very masculine and manly, has been talking about wanting to get a pedicure. He reads quite a bit and apparently read one day about how it's actually a good idea to take care of your skin and cuticles as a man. So he's been saying that he wanted to go with me one day and of course I quickly jumped at the thought because A) I won't feel guilty spending the money and B) I could use the entertainment. 

On Saturday it was raining and cold and he was off of work. We were bored and watching seasons of The Big Bang Theory (obsessed) when he decided it was time to indulge in one. We both received the top of the line pedicure and yes, we even both had a manicure. I actually enjoyed my day quite a bit. We didn't talk the whole time which allowed it to be relaxing, but it was nice to just be with him. And yes, it made me giggle a bit to see him soaking his feet and watching the lady rub his hairy, man legs with lotion. 

She's much better than me. I don't think I could ever do that for my man. I sure as heck wouldn't file his toenails or scrub his dead skin off. I'm seriously hoping he enjoyed it enough to go back. Heck, I'm seriously hoping we make this a monthly ritual. 

Like, really hoping. 

Has your guy or would he ever get a pedicure?