Being a SAHM

Well today it happened. I put in my notice to let my job know that this little mama isn't going to be returning after Little Bit is born. In fact, this little mama will actually not be employed much longer and it feels good to finally have it out in the open. 

My husband and I have spoke of this before but have come to the conclusion that it is best for our Little Bit and although I know it will be hard at times, I know it will be worth it. I'm not necessarily a shop-a-holic but I do love to shop. I'm not into name brands but I do love Coach bags and I mainly buy clothes from boutiques (although currently it's all from Destination Maternity). I know that things will change when my income disappears and that I better treat my Coach bags like gold because who knows when I'll purchase another. 

I'll be proud to say I'm a stay at home mommy. My mother did it with us and I actually have some of the sweetest little memories from it. I know it isn't for all women; some love the extra income and even love their jobs. Some just have to work; but I also hear some women say that they don't want to be home all day with their kids (never understood that). This is a dream come true for me that we can do this. I may not own a big fancy home and I may have to just treat Little Princess to Coach instead of myself (haha not serious!), but that is okay. 

I don't have to have the best things in life. I just want to be there to care for my Little Bit and create those special memories like I have. 

(Please note that I do not judge anyone who doesn't stay home. To each their own and we all love our Little Bits the same)

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How many of you are or were a SAHM?