Making Room for Baby Part 2

Long before Little Bit was ever cooking in my belly, her room that is now empty and waiting was once used for many purposes. There was a desk for me to sit down and blog at; there were books galore all around; there were feminine touches all around the room; and there were places for all of my scrap booking materials. Finally, there was a closet that was for the sole purpose of my holiday decor. It stored away all of the containers of things that we need to make our home festive for the holidays. 

Not long after moving in, our landlord (we rent right now) added a shed for us. My husband now had a spot to store all of his tools and finally that crap was out of the house. He made it all nice and pretty so it could be somewhat of a "shop" for him although let's be honest here, he never goes in there. 

So now that Little Bit is cooking in my belly and we are making room for her, we are having to transfer all of the containers of decor over to husband's precious little "man cave." And may I just say that this man is not happy about that. He now complains about all of the holiday stuff we have and is whining about having to store it away in his precious shed man cave. Apparently he thinks we should go treeless for the holidays or something. 

I truly think he has no idea how much stuff Little Bit will accumulate. Even while registering he seemed to be in shock at all the things a little 7oz precious poop factory needs. I can't wait to see his face when he sees how much she really will have and how lucky we are to have this extra shed to store our stuff. 

Baby daddies just don't understand our need for holiday decor; organization; and space. He thought I took up a lot of space...just wait till Little Princess arrives!

Here are some adorable little girl closets! 
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Did you have issues making room 
for your baby? Was your nursery once 
a "store all" room?
{may I add that Baby Daddy is currently organizing his shed as I sit here and type this...}